This product is a food coloring product, used to color food and drink. It is also used to flavour bread, pet food, some corns, etc. Moreover, It is used for pharmaceutics cosmetics too.

This product is not a flavoring agent but a coloring one. When this product is used in low concentrations it does not affect the finish product taste profile.
The Liquid Caramel coloring Class1 is obtained from a heat process with ordinary sugar which is carefully controlled.

The Liquid Caramel Coloring Class 1 or the Simple Colorant have the European designation E150a. The Liquid Caramel Coloring Class 1 is the least processed product among the four classes of colorants. The carbohydrate used as raw material is simply heated, and chemical compounds with ammonia and sulphite are not allowed in the class 1 production. The caramel colour obtained from this process has got neutral ionic or lightly negative one.

Bacigalupo Foods certifies that all our products are gluten free.

Sensitive Characteristics

Appearance: Liquid
Colour: Intense reddish brown
Scent: characteristics smell
Taste: bitter

Useful Life

Under normal conditions of handling and conservation, this product keeps unalterable twenty four month


Big plastic bottle: 1,250 kg
Big plastic bottle 7 kg/29 kg contact
Bucket: 1000 Kg In Buck