This is a family company headed nowadays by the 4th generation.

Bacigalupo Company was originated in 1922, when Mr Antonio Bacigalupo, a chemical engineer, who was born in Genova, Italy, arrives to Argentina. He decides to work independently and he starts manufacturing the caramel colorant used in appetizers with a very special color and flavor.

This company was placed at 2458 Fragata Sarmiento St in La Paternal city of Buenos Aires. From the very beginning it was deeply accepted by the most important companies in Argentina. In 1957, his son Juan Bacigalupo and his grandson Juan Antonio Bacigalupo were in charge of the company and decided to expand the company due to the demand increased so they moved the company to 566 Bruselas St, Versalles, city of Buenos Aires.

Due to his great  spirit of innovation, Antonio Juan who was in charge of the company started to manufacture Liquid caramel for pastries and desserts. This caramel was a complete success and we still sell this product around the whole country to very prestigious food companies.

In 1998 Antonio Juan Died. Although the different economy crisis in Argentina, our company never stopped growing. In spite of its dimensions this building wasn’t comfortable enough, so the idea of a new moving appeared again. So the family 4th generation, who are founder great grandsonds, decided to move the whole company to a new and bigger place at 2189 Ciudadela, province of Buenos Aires. This new plant doubled the previous one in terms of space. Physical growth was very important in order to buy a new tank with bigger capacity and more space for raw material and finished product storage. Moreover, we had enough place for our laboratory in oerder to develop continuous improvement quality policy.

Safety Policy

Bacigalupo Food S.A. It’s a family Company that manufactures and packages Liquid Caramel and Colouring liquid Caramel for domestic and industrial use, on request of our customers.

For this purpose, our company commits to:

-Comply with the requirements, specifications and needs agreed with our customers and consumers, and with current and applicable legal rules

– To provide a quality service that will allow us to achieve our customer’s loyalty

– To manteinfluent and efficient communication for internal and external matters

– Ensure innocuity and safety of all our products

– To improve processes related to Innocuity Management System Continuously

– To guarantee personal competences, since quality and innocuity are everybody’s concern. To achieve through a training system, suitability in all personal tasks, and also to make aware of the necessity and the importance of controlling and caring about safety, quality and loyalty of all our products

– To respect and protect safety, physical integrity and health of all our workers’

– To respect and protect environment, supporting sustainable development

– To ensure hygien control in our company, in all the processes we develop and in our production equipment, because we are conscious that hygien factor impacts on the quality and safety of our products, and also on community health

In our way to guarantee the above mentioned have implemented a Food Safety Management System Based on the Certification Scheme FSSC 22000


Karina Bacigalupo.

Managing partner

September 6th, 2019.